What Do Panic Attacks Look Like?

Do You Know Somebody Experiencing These Symptoms?

By Golden Recovery | Updated August 3rd, 2021

My journey to curing them, including professional and free resources.

Aren't sure if what you're experiencing is panic attacks? 7 most common symptoms here, with free and professional resources!

For the purposes of this article we will assume you are not fully aware of what a panic attack is and aren't aware of the Panic Loop or how to help it.

As a precursor, let me say I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for over five years now. What you're experiencing may or may not be a panic attack, but this post will help anybody experiencing high levels of anxiety. We'll cover what a panic attack actually feels like and how you can move past it.

Remember that yes there are quick solutions I provide below, but overall this is a journey. It takes time to feel cured, but you will recover, you will find relief. I am by no means a medical professional, I'm merely relaying my experiences. If you need immediate medical attention please seek a doctor.

Common Symptoms Of An Anxiety Attack

While recognizing the signs and symptoms of anxiety doesn't require you to understand the workings of the human body, what it does require is awareness on each of the symptoms and the effects that they may have when they are ignored.

Please be aware that different people manifest different symptoms and behaviors when experiencing an anxiety attack. The intensity of the symptoms differs as well and may appear different with every attack.

1) Pain Or Unexplainable Sensation

Feeling pain in your neck, shoulders, jaw, mouth and stomach, as

well as having a headache is also common. When the body is

under stress, parts of the body usually get tense, which results in

pain. Do your best to try and relax if this occurs.

Many also experience what they call a "bodily sensation." A

feeling they can't quite explain, which usually leads to further fear,

thus making things worse. Like a loop.

2) Fear

Sometimes when a person is under tremendous pressure they

may feel as if they are going crazy. This is even more evident

during time of an panic attack.

If this has ever happened to you I want to assure you that there is

very little possibility that you are really going crazy. It is far more

likely that you are not going crazy and it is only a symptom that you

are experiencing.

3) Dry Mouth

This is another common symptom and is a natural occurrence

during a panic attack. To counter dry mouth you can try to sip on

some water or try a piece of hard candy to stimulate the production

of saliva.

4) Shaking And Shivering

These are two necessary functions that your body uses to keep

your temperature normal. When body temperature drops from

normal, the muscles spasmodically contract, creating friction

between muscles and body tissues, thus increasing the body

temperature. During panic attacks, shaking and shivering is normal.

5) Heart Palpitations

These are also common during an attack. You may feel like your

heart is missing beats. This is caused by the release of adrenaline

into the bloodstream. This is perfectly normal and can’t cause

damage to your physical well being. However, it can cause

discomfort and lead to more severe symptoms if you don't learn

how to control your attacks.

6) Chest Pain & Shortness Of Breath

This is a normal body reaction to a panic attack because

of muscle tension. Sometimes, chest pain is misinterpreted as a

heart attack, but it is important to identify from one another as the

latter can be deadly.

This is the most distressing symptom of panic attacks. It feels like

your chest can't expand to take in the necessary air that your body

needs. If you experience this there are three important points that

you should remind yourself of and that is that you will not suffocate,

stop breathing or pass out. This is a temporary symptom of your

anxiety attack.

What you want to do is calm your anxiety before this starts.

Panic Away has a 21/7 technique that they've taught to a lot

of people in your shoes, including me. It's got a high success rate

and I highly recommend it. Also, there's a free audio on that link

that you can use quickly for rapid relief.

7) Feeling Detached

This symptom of an anxiety attack alters the way you experience

yourself and the way you see reality. It makes you feel like

everything around you is a dream, foggy or unreal.

When I was experiencing this the best thing I could do was talk about

it. In the long run, trust me, it helps. I know that scheduling therapy is

a pain in the ass, but if you have family and friends start there.

If not the quickest resource I've found is Online Therapy.

They offer a full therapeutical toolbox that includes a 24/7 personal

therapist via phone or online, activity plans, worksheets, journal, live

chat, yoga, and more. Currently they even have a 20% discount here.

The Most Important Thing For You: Awareness Of The Panic Loop

Usually people experiencing panic attacks feel a "loop." Essentially the more you experience these attacks, the more your anxiety increases, causing more attacks. It seems like a never ending cycle for some. However, the Panic Loop can be treated, see more on my Panic Loop post about the loop.

If you experience effects that last well after the attack has passed it is important to consult a health professional, so that you can be sure that there aren't any other underlying conditions that you should be aware of.

Understanding anxiety is the first step towards controlling the effect that it has on your life, so do your best to learn everything you can about how it can affect you.

Finally: Realize You Are Not Alone

You're probably already thinking, "oh here we go with this again."

Many people before you have experienced this, many are experiencing it with you today, and many will experience it tomorrow. So why does that matter?

Sometimes it helps to take solace (you could use some solace) in the fact that you have many people that are experiencing the same troubles you are. We are out here, and you can figure this out and move on just like we have.

Need Help Now?

As I mentioned previously, Panic Away has a free audio you can grab real quick for rapid relief. the most helpful technique I've ran into is that 21/7 technique I mentioned. It's built specifically to stop a panic attack in it's beginning stages. It's helped thousands of people, including myself.

Also, if you need somebody for talking purposes please feel free to use the message box and reach out. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

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